What do I need?


Our cluster consists of 9 Raspberry Pis, 8 of which are slave nodes and 1 unit is the master node.

Order list

Here’s a short version of our order list.

Item Quantity
Raspberry Pi 3 9
Kingston microSDHC Card 16GB 9
Edimax ES-3308P V8 (Switch) 2
Anker 5-Port Desktop USB Charger 2
USB Cables (short ones) 9
Ethernet Cables (short ones) 10


It all starts with 9 Raspberry Pi 3, that all need to be powered.
The power comes from the 9 USB cables, that are connected to Raspberry Pi on one side, and to the Anker USB charger on the other side.


We have 10 ethernet cables. Each Raspberry Pi needs to be connected to one ethernet cable.
We used the remaining cable to connect the two switches to build a “bridge” between the two devices.
Otherwise not all Raspberry Pis could communicate in the cluster.

            _________          _________
[RPI]======|         |        |         |======[RPI]
[RPI]======|         |        |         |======[RPI]
[RPI]======| Switch  |========| Switch  |======[RPI]
[RPI]======|         |        |         |======[RPI]
[RPI]======|         |        |         |
            ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾          ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾

As you already figured out, ====== are ethernet cables. Yay, ASCII!

Assembling / Design

May be for your disappointment, we are not going to describe here we designed the and assembled our cluster. We suggest you come up with your own layout, creativity has no limits.


Here’s how one half of our cluster looks like in the end:

Picture of the assembled cluster